What you Need to Know About Subaru’s Eyesight Technology

The Subaru Eyesight System is one of the most advanced systems currently available on the market when it comes to active safety and driver assistance.

It is no surprise than that Subaru has accumulated prestigious titles over time from the IIHS, and that the majority of its vehicles have received a Top Safety Pick Plus designation from the institution, as well as a “Superior” grade for their ability to prevent accidents.

Subaru EyeSight

But what exactly is Subaru Eyesight? In concrete terms, Eyesight is a set of driver assistance devices that are able to prevent accidents by warning the driver of a potential danger and intervening if the driver does not do so.

Using a system of cameras and radars, Eyesight becomes like a second pair of eyes for the driver. If there is danger, Eyesight will warn you. If you do not react, the system can intervene and apply the brakes automatically.

Let’s take a closer look at the various driver assistance systems that we find in the EyeSight system.

Adaptive cruise control

This device is activated with cruise control and allows you to maintain a preset distance with the vehicle in front of you. If a vehicle suddenly cuts or slows down in front of you, adaptive cruise control will automatically apply the brakes to maintain a safe distance.

Pre-collision braking

Like Adaptive Cruise Control, pre-collision braking scans the road in front of you to identify potential hazards such as a vehicle that suddenly brakes in the city. With this system, the vehicle will automatically apply the brakes if you are distracted and there is a risk of collision.

Pre-collision throttle management

In the city, it is possible that one releases the brake pedal and moves forward in traffic situations without realizing it. If this happens to you and there is another vehicle in front of you, the throttle management system will ensure that power is cut to the engine to prevent an accident.

Lane departure and sway warning

This system is active at more than 65 km/h and is able to prevent lane departures by warning the driver if he or she is approaching too close to the side of the road or the center lines.

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