What Type of Maintenance Should I Do For Fall?

Summer is on its way out, which means Autumn is coming in. Although Fall doesn’t last long in Ontario, it is vital time that can be used to prepare for Winter. The sudden change in temperatures can cause contribute to vehicle break downs, but a few dollars spent now can save you from repair expenses and transportation inconvenience later. 


Whether you’ve let your car sit during the summer or have been driving it around, colder weather can decimate your battery. If your battery is old, it can die suddenly during the winter months. Get your battery checked by our service professionals.  


It’s already starting to happen; windshield wipers are frosting over in the morning. Make sure you don’t run out of windshield wiper fluid by topping it off now. Also make sure your coolant also has enough antifreeze in it before the temps consistently drop below freezing.  

Small Animals: 

While the temperatures drop, small animals will start looking for warm places to nest. Make sure you don’t have any small furry animals in your vehicle’s nooks and crannies.  


Falling leaves get everywhere. Literally everywhere. Wet leaves make the roads slick while dry leaves can get into your engine bay and clog important valves. They also can carry acidic sap which can damage your finish. Get your vehicle cleaned and detailed by our professionals so you don’t have to worry about leaves. 

Schedule service online or visit us Ogilvie Subaru to get your Subaru checked out before the weather changes!