What style of roof rack is on my car?

There are few things in this world that pair together better than a Subaru and a roof rack, but with so many different mounting styles, which one do you have on your vehicle? Before you can start mounting any accessories, you need to install crossbars, and the options can vary depending on the mounting style that you have.

Bare Roof

Many vehicles don’t have any pre installed rails from the factory. Luckily, if your vehicle has no factory rails, there are kits out there to fit just about any roof contour to give your vehicle the roof rack you always wanted.

Rain Gutters

Rain gutter roof attachments were the common way to attach a roof rack years ago, and now are generally found on full size or cargo passenger vans. There are several options to choose from depending on roof clearance.


Raised Rail

Raised rails are found on the majority of SUVs, wagons, and minivans. These rails run from the front of the vehicle to the back on the outer edges.

Flush Rail

Flush rails are found on many European vehicles. These rails are flush with the roof without any space between the rail and the roof. The cross bars are mounted via an inner or outer groove. There are several options available for this style of mounting.


Tracks are another common style of roof rack connection. Tracks run on the outer edges of the roof of a vehicle. They have a channel and several mounting points where a cross bar can be mounted.

Fixed Points

Fixed point connections are fasten down points located on the outer edge of the roof in the 4 corners. The benefit of this mounting style is the clean, cohesive look while providing a platform for various cross bars and attachments.

Now that you’ve identified which roof rack mounting style you have, which of these accessories are right for you? There are various different accessories such as baskets, bike mounts, kayak mounts, containers, ski racks, and much more. You can head over to our accessories page to view what we have available for purchase.