Was in the market for a new SUV and went to check out the Subaru. It was one of many to check out. Long story short, I bought a 2019 Subaru Crosstrek Limited. The sales person, Don Marcovitch, was as knowledgeable about his product as anyone I have ever met. He was also very aware of his competition. Never had anything uncalled or bad to say about any other brand and even commended them for some areas of innovation. What made me decide was that Don had all the answers to all my questions and even to some I should have asked but never did. It was a pleasant experience and best of all, no BS. I know cars and Don did not try to upsell me or give me a line about the Subaru. An honest and knowledgeable car sales person…go figure. I highly recommend you search out and deal with Don Marcovitch if you are in the market for a Subaru.