Eric L

**review has been edited** I bought my vehicle in 2020. When I came to pick it up, thinking I had paid all the fees attached, there was undisclosed fees that the sales associate forgot to tell me, 600$ to be exact, even though they told me everything was paid for the day prior. This might have happened because of a lack of experience from that employee. I was not happy with that fact. So, they offered me two gold detailing packages worth that same value. I made sure to ask them the same day and the day after if they were gonna add it to my file and they said not to worry. 2 years and a half later, I try to book one of those detailings… turns out they never added them to my file and nobody could find any record of them. After making a complaint, I was told to contact them, which I did. After a phone call or two, Mathieu Pigeon managed to make an arrangement and added them to my file and I will be booking one shortly. This dealership had a few problems in the past that since then they seem to have fixed. I am glad this has changed and currently, I would suggest giving them a shot. It’s rare to see a dealership willing to make a positive change to their team and accomodate their clients for mistakes made.