Debra Hooper

We were looking to trade in a 2018 SUV for a car and took advantage of the online trade-in cash calculator. Then booked an appointment with Ogilvie Subaru which had a 2017 Camry. We hooked up with a really nice fella, Ben Beni, took it out for a test drive but it wasn’t at all what we hoped for. Sensing our disappointment, Ben asked us to look at a 2018 Subaru they had. We were aware of their quality, yet still hesitant. I mentioned one of the reasons we wanted a car was because I was having some difficulty getting in our SUV. He looked at me and said, “I thought that may be it. Just have a quick look at this one, I think you’ll be impressed.” So we did…WOW! A 2018 Crosstrek. The quality, workmanship and attention to detail was impressive—and comfortable. Our trade-in was top of the line and the Crosstrek not only matched it, but surpassed it in several areas! I love to drive and this sweetheart cornered beautifully, no roll, just smooth, clean, tight suspension. Love. We were so impressed with Ben’s friendliness, sensitivity and knowledge of people and Subaru vehicles. You can’t help but like the guy! We bought it! But it gets better… The Manager Matt, came over welcoming us to the Subaru ‘Family’ and went out of his way to assist in our decision making process. Then… We met with Hussein who crunched the numbers. A nicer fella you couldn’t ask for. We were blown away by the calibre of the people. Once in awhile you meet a genuine person, friendly, but to meet an entire team? Doesn’t happen. God willing, our next vehicle will be a Subaru from Ogilvie Subaru. Great work fellas!