How Can I Keep My Vehicle’s Interior Cool in The Summer?

The heat is here, and we hope you’re enjoying your summer adventures with your Subaru. This is a great season to go out and enjoy the weather. Unfortunately, the weather is not always nice. Heatwaves can hit suddenly leaving you hot and agitated for days. Everything you touch feels too warm and even the bliss of air-conditioning in your vehicle is bookmarked by scorching leather and blistering seats.  

So, what can you do to make getting into your vehicle on a hot summer day more comfortable? Read on for tricks that help you survive the heat. 

  1. Use a windshield deflector to keep the interior of your car from reaching excessively hot temperatures. Sunlight though your windshield brings in heat which is then trapped by your windows and doors.  Reflecting that sun when your vehicle is parked is a great way to keep the interior cool.  
  2. Use a towel over your steering wheel to keep your hands from burning on the hot vinyl or leather. Additionally, if you don’t feel silly, you can use oven mitts or padded gloves to protect your hands from burning on the steering wheel. One other fabulous hack: iIf you know it’s going to be hot and you have to park your vehicle, turn the steering wheel 180 degrees so the part you touch is in the shade until you get back in. 
  3. While wearing shorts is great for keeping yourself cool, they can also expose your legs to the pain of a scorching seat inside your vehicle. Add seat covers  during the summer. The covers are usually made of polyester or cotton, materials that don’t get as hot as leather or vinyl in direct sunlight. 
  4. Make sure to put all your items away from the heat during the summer months. Hot sunglasses can burn your face if you’re not careful and anything metal may give you a burn. 
  5. As soon as you get into your vehicle and turn on the AC, aim the vents to your wrists and neck. These are spots on the body that blood flows closer to the surface, by cooling down these spots first you will internally cool down quicker.  
  6. Following these tips can not only help spare you of a burn on a hot summer’s day but can also save you from an accident. Summer can be the most dangerous time of year and by preparing for your trip by minimizing distractions you can save yourself from being a statistic later. Come visit our parts department at Ogilvie Subaru to find seat covers, steering wheel covers and more in time for your next big adventure!