The 9 Best Pet Accessories for Your Subaru Adventure in Ontario


The 9 Best Pet Accessories for Your Subaru Adventure in Ontario


Hey there, adventure-loving Ontario Subaru pals! If you’re one of the many Subaru owners that love to take your four legged friends on adventures then you know, your Subaru Outback isn’t just a car—it’s your ticket to endless exploration and tail-wagging fun across this beautiful province. But let’s make sure every trip with your furry friend is safe, comfortable, and full of wagging tails with these must-have pet accessories!



Compartment Separator – $265.45 + HST

Keep your pup safe and secure in their own space during those scenic drives through Ontario’s winding roads. This separator ensures your furry co-pilot stays put, leaving you free to focus on the road ahead.



Pet-Friendly Padded Seat Protector – $229.95 + HST

Say goodbye to muddy paw prints and pesky fur clinging to your seats! This padded protector keeps your Outback’s interior clean, no matter how much your adventurous lab enjoys romping through Ontario’s parks and trails.

center console protector ogilvie subaru

Console Lid Protector – $49.95 + HST

Does your dog’s enthusiasm sometimes lead to enthusiastic scratching? Protect your console lid from those excited claws with this simple yet essential accessory.


Pet Harness (Large) – $103.49 + HST

Safety first, pals! Keep your furry friend secure with a sturdy harness, perfect for those sunny days when the urge to explore is simply irresistible.



Pet Rear Door Protector – $199.95 + HST

Let your pup enjoy the fresh Ontario breeze without worrying about scratches or scuffs on your car’s door. This protector keeps both your Subaru and your furry friend looking their best.


Pet Travel Bowl – $47.99 + HST

Keep your dog hydrated on those long adventures with this convenient travel bowl. Because no trip through Ontario’s stunning landscapes is complete without a happy and hydrated pup!


Pet-Friendly Padded Cargo Liner – $249.95 + HST

Whether you’re tailgating after a hike or simply enjoying a leisurely drive home, give your dog a cozy spot to relax with this padded cargo liner. Adventure awaits, and your furry co-pilot deserves a comfortable ride!


License Plate Frame (Pet Lover) – Matte Black – $34.99 + HST

Show off your love for your four-legged companion with this stylish license plate frame. Because in the Ontario Subaru community, we know our pets are more than just passengers—they’re family!


Pet Carrier and Mobile Pet Bed – $224.99 + HST

Sometimes our furry friends need a little break, too. Whether it’s a quick nap during a roadside picnic or a trip to the vet for some poison ivy relief (poor pup!), this versatile carrier and bed combo has you covered.

*Notice prices may vary and do not include installation costs.

Hit The Road For Tail Wagging Fun


With these pet-friendly accessories, your Subaru Outback isn’t just a car—it’s the ultimate adventure vehicle for you and your beloved furry companion. So buckle up, roll down those windows, and get ready for unforgettable journeys through Ontario’s breathtaking landscapes, because with Subaru and your loyal sidekick by your side, the possibilities are endless!


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